Crossbow Labs

Remote Assessments and PCI-SSC Guidelines


This note is to formally inform all our customers and patrons that a BCP has been established in all offices of Crossbow Labs, the drive has been a success without any failures in continuity of providing our services.

Owing to the current status of the CoVID-19 pandemic and governmental advisories to avoid group gatherings, all non essential travel and community interaction, we have suspended all travel. As a result we find it necessary to make you aware of the following actions we have undertaken in the interim –

  1. All the interactions and assessments will be conducted over remote meetings with our consulting and engineering teams.
  2. The SHIELD-SOC team will also be functioning on remote basis, until further notice from our government advisory board.
  3. All our teams are completely enabled with the requisite technology and processes for continued offsite support, monitoring and delivery.

We are extremely thankful to our governmental and regulatory bodies for the guidance provided in every step forward.

As a QSA of the PCI Security Standards Council’s, we would like to make you aware of some important and helpful guidance related to remote assessments that the PCI-SSC has recently put out. The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has published a blog which offers guidance on remote assessments.

We would love to extend our support in any manner possible within the framework of our existing worldwide situation. The going has gotten tough for many and we sincerely extend our gratitude to all those wonderful people who keep the world working for the rest of us.

Looking forth to a speedy BAU and wishing you and the teams the best.

Team CBL