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Is Your Bluetooth Vulnerable ? – A quick read on Bluesnarfing attacks

Back in the 90’s, when Bluetooth entered the market as a disruptive wireless technology and revolutionized the way we exchange data, it was apparent that the exploiting attacks will soon follow to intercept

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Data Privacy Across Boundaries

If you are doing business in your own country or across multiple countries, you should be aware of the data & privacy laws prevailing in those countries. Many countries are redoing their digital policy to be in-line

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How to implement secure development practices in organisations?

Satheesh Vattekkat directs Wallet Ecosystem at Walmart Global Tech India. He has more than two decades of experience in building teams and creating products for MoneyTap and Ezetap that have an iconic presence in the

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HR Management’s Role in Building Security Culture

Shylaja Praveen, the Phoenix within Crossbow Labs, leads the HR operations and align them with the applicable security standards and regulations. Here she describes some of the relevant practices driven by the HR

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The Real Deal About Insider Threats

Whenever a crime is committed against an individual, it is most likely to have been done by someone the victim knows. We often hear about various data breaches happening across the globe by hacker groups. If a person

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