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ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is a globally recognized standard for establishing and managing information security. 

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ISO specifies a set of standardized requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The standard provides the framework to manage confidentiality, availability and integrity of organizational assets such as financial data, intellectual property, employee details, customer confidential data or information entrusted by third parties.

Why Certify ?

ISO 27001 provides a framework for managing them in a way that is appropriate to the business. ISO 27001 helps organizations to treat data security seriously. ISO 27001 standard inculcates corporate due diligence and gets you set up for meeting regulatory and contractual requirements w.r.t. data security, privacy, and IT governance. For cloud hosted companies, there are ancillary compliance standards such as the ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 which also require compliance with ISO 27001 as a foundation. 

ISO 27001 Services


The activity begins from defining a Statement of Applicability (SoA), defining an Information Security Policy, conducting a Risk Assessment and documenting the findings in a risk register. 


ISO 27001 Implementation

This stage requires for documentation of all workflows – policies and procedures, assignment of security related roles and responsibilities, determining KPIs and ensuring that an internal audit program has been defined in alignment with the risk assessment report.

ISO 27001 Certification

External Accredited Auditor evaluates the controls implemented and reviews its effectiveness against the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. The Auditor’s opinion of your organisation’s operating environment, management oversight, reporting structure, controls determine if you are eligible for certification.

Bespoke Advisory Solutions

Customised ISO 27001 solutions. Our vast experience in cybersecurity consulting will help shortscript your ISO 27001 journey

Industry Experience

We have gained our cybersecurity experience by creating solutions for organizations base on their size and risk landscape. 

Compliance Management

We built a compliance management tool to ensure managing a compliance standards as detailed as the PCI-DSS, in a seamless manner. ISO 27001 standards are also built into our compliance tool which will help you organize your compliance management and maintenance over the entire compliance year. 

Turnkey ISO 27001 Services

Crossbow Labs can work with organizations from the inception of the ISMS to the implementation and maintenance of the controls, including periodic internal audits and compliance management services. 

Approach - ISO 27001:2022

ISO 27001:2022 Consulting - Controls Implementation - Certification - maintenance

ISO 27001 : 2022 is the latest version of the standard. Crossbow Labs can provide turnkey solutions to accomplish the objectives at various stages of the ISO 27001 certification. 

1. ISO 27001:2022 scope Formulation

The scope of the environment will be defined which will help create the the Statement of Applicability for the standard.

2. ISMS Security Posture Assessment

An assessment will be conducted to identify the gaps in the current security posture with respect to the ISO 27001:2022

3. ISMS Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan

Information security risk assessment will be conducted to identify the risks to the data critical to the organization. Relevant controls will be identified to mitigate and manage the risks.

4. ISO 27001:2002 Documentation

The standard requires specific documentation to be created for the purposes of continued management of compliance. Policies, procedures and other supporting documentation will be created.

5. Controls Implementation

Based on the risks and the organization policies, the controls will be implemented.

6. Internal Audit & Certification

An internal audit will be conducted to ensure all the controls are in place and the external auditor will be invited to conduct the ISO 27001:2022 certification assessment.

ISO 27001:2022 Maintenance & Monitoring

ISO 27001 FAQ's

All organizations which have an IT portfolio can opt for compliance with the ISO 27001:2022 standards. This ensures that the IT infrastructure and the data which is sensitive to the organization are secured with relevant technology and process controls. 

The ISO family of standards is governed and maintained by the International Standards Organization with a very exciting evolution. The maintenance and update of the standard is done in order  to maintain the relevance to evolving technologies. Link :

ISO does not certify any organization as compliant, directly. The ISO provides accreditation for various organizations, known as certifying bodies, which can in turn certify on ISO standards. 

ISO has a family of standards among which the standards with a nomenclature starting from ISO 20000 addresses, information technology companies. This includes information security, risk management, business continuity and many other such standards. A detailed list of information security related standards can be identified in this link – 

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