Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

We at Crossbow Labs engage with a vision of solving your patch management hassles. Vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying and prioritizing security issues pertaining to a system. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is a mechanism to assess the effectiveness of your patch management and hardening processes. Vulnerability Assessment findings should act as an input towards continuous improvement in building up an effective patch management culture to an organisation.
Reactive approach on patch management is generally driven bottom up from the findings from vulnerability assesment report. Which opens the organizations infrastructure to a slew of imminent threats. Also based on the recent research, patch management is one of the major showstopper, which stalls achieving compliance with critical information security standards. Working backwards to meet the compliance requirements for patching will only lead to discovery of new vulnerabilities or misconfigurations on new patch rollout. Haywire usage of resources in this approach puts tremendous pressure back to IT and Security Teams to meet up the compliance dates, leave alone security.

We at crossbow believe vulnerability assessments have to be a pre-requisite for patching and hence include it in the entire patch management cycle. VA reports will hence act as a benchmark for the entire patch management process.

Review of patch management policies

As part of the VA engagement Crossbow Labs will review organizations patch management policy. Understanding organizations patch management process Crossbow Labs will recommend relevant gaps in the process and documentation to align with relevant compliancy standards and industry best practices.

Pre Analysis Scans

In pre analysis scans Crossbow Labs will engage with the client to identify the scoped environment. Scoped environment will be assessed on the rules established to identify any aberrations to the established business justifications. Along with the scoped identifications Crossbow Labs will be evaluating systems based on the established vulnerability scanning techniques

Analytics and Vulnerability Report

Evaluating the identified vulnerabilities across timeline identifies holes in the patch management process. This will act as a precursor towards continuous improvement of the patch management cycle. Identified vulnerabilities will be scored against its CVSS score and prioritized based on the business criticality towards the remediation plan.

Remediation plan

Identified vulnerabilities will be evaluated based on the business criticality, and prioritized based on the risk exposure towards business functions.

Vulnerability rescans

Upon confirmation of closure of identified gaps, rescans will be performed to evaluate the closure of identified gaps on initial scan. Through analysis will be done to evaluate on any new vulnerabilities creeped on during remediation phase. Based on the business risks corrective measures will be taken to close all identified vulnerabilities.

Compliance report

Based on the successful closure of identified vulnerabilities, clean compliance report will be provided with relevant recommendations to improve the entire patch management solution. Compliance report will contain detailed patch statistics and cumulative risk score against industry standards.


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