Network Architecture Review and Redesign

We tend to set up the network infrastructure in the very beginning and once the setup is done, we forget about it. Over the time, as business needs changes, our network infrastructure also changes possibly opening it up to new vulnerabilities. What was secure yesterday may not be secure today as new methods of attack are devised daily.

The network architecture and design review process analyzes the architecture and design from a security perspective. It helps you identify and validate the security-related design features. Adding to this point, there are other copious motivating factors for performing a network architecture review from being subject to ensuring the security of your critical businesses to being compliant to various frameworks and standards.

All of your security measures are for naught if your network architecture is not designed properly. So ‘Assess and Re-assess’ how your network is defended at its perimeter and how well it is segmented internally and make sure your network infrastructure is fit and fine for your business. You can review the network architecture by yourself, but there’s no substitute for having an independent expert occasionally reviewing it and checking for the blind spots.

Our experts at CrossbowLabs can make this process easy for you. Our team can help you in architecture review and redesigning of your network if crucial. Crossbow team does this process through a systematic approach to avoid the chaos or turmoil associated with this, beginning with the understanding of your business, review of currently in-place network devices, interview with personnel and a few other steps. This review delivers a brilliant way to identify potential security flaws within your organization.


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